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Flyers – printing Flyers in Torrevieja - Printing in Torrevieja – Gráficas Xpress

Flyers – printing Flyers in Torrevieja - Printing in Torrevieja – Gráficas Xpress

Gráficas Xpress, professional printing that offer services of marketing in Torrevieja more than thirty years of “Gráficas Xpress” giving printing services signs, flyers, posters, stamps andmás de 30 años de experiencia dando servicios de rotulación, flyers, carteles, sellos y grabados, tarjetas de visita y mucho más a precios muy asequibles


If you want to print flyers in Torrevieja as an advertising strategy for your company, their intensity and impact must be the greatest possible and as fast as possible. As their name implies, they fly, that is to say, their use is quick and when they have reached their purpose, they are normally at the mercy of the wind in the street. As we have mentioned before, flyers accompany the poster and their distribution is made in a short time, from a few days to a few months. The less time we have, the smaller their measure will be (their distribution will be more effective). Thus, A6 (105x148mm) format is more used for short-term advertising and A5 (148x210 mm) format for long term advertising. So that they have a bigger impact it is better to print them in A6 format, which is normally printed on both sides. As they are going to be circulating during a short time, we cannot lose the opportunity for people to see them just because one of the sides is not printed. So, it is worth printing them on two sides. You can check their illustrative price on the online shop.