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Nuestra Empresa – Imprenta en Torrevieja – Gráficas Xpress

Gráficas Xpress, imprenta en Torrevieja con más de 30 años de experiencia dando servicio a profesionales y particulares. Publicidad, rotulación, flyers, carteles, sellos y grabados, tarjetas de visita y mucho más a precios muy asequibles.


More than three decades of “Gráficas Xpress” (since 1984) giving printing services in Torrevieja have helped, but not guaranteed, our continuity in the market. The experience from these last years of difficult economic crisis cannot be compared to others from the past and like many companies agree with us, we have had to look for continuity solutions and reinvent ourselves because of this critical situation.

At the same time the use of paper has changed, in many cases we have pdf documents, online paperwork, etc. It is well known that these advances allow us to economise our time and save money. The way of advertising has also changed. Nowadays, there is an uncontrolled use of social networks such as Youtube, Whatsapp, etc and thanks to them, anyone can advertise whatever they want, the product can be posted directly through their computers or mobile phones and they can get instant feedback of its impact, carry out statistical analyses and check its success thanks to the number of followers. This gives us a leading role in what is happening at all times. Although this is advertising, it is disorganised and, as we all know, its impact is not long-lasting.

Among the Torrevieja printing sector, we are the ones who have been able to adapt to all these advances and situations, as well as to the demand in the large format sector, what has resulted in the creation of a new company: “Rotulaciones del Mediterráneo”, which working in parallel with “Gráficas Torrevieja”, has responded professionally so that our customers get a quality image and durability over time than other companies have not achieved.

We have been working with paper format or webpage format, but they are not the only formats where we can represent our ideas or curiosities. An example of these new materials, in which a great deal of advances are being made, is the high quality melted vinyl. This material is malleable through a heat treatment which makes it adapt to any kind of surface. The material resistance and the consistency of the inks result in a lasting base where we can apply our image.

This previous advance and other future ones, which are being studied and tested, are good examples of how to add new attractions to our advertisements, which we expect to communicate neither without distortions nor interferences.

Advertising remains, although materials might disappear and be rediscovered creating new supports where it can be materialized. For that reason, in our printing company we will try to continue giving you out services in the best way and continue competing in the market. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Hope you find our new website helpful. Best regards! 



Gráficas Xpress

Gráficas Xpress